In 2008 a global steering group was established from national social enterprise support agencies in Canada, USA, Scotland, England, Germany, South America, South Africa and Australia, whose aim was to seek means to advance social enterprise development throughout the world.

Here, the Social Enterprise World Forum was launched.

The first forum was held in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008 and has since traversed the continents annually, visiting Melbourne, Australia; San Francisco, USA; Johannesburg, South Africa; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Calgary, Canada and this year taking place in Seoul, Korea.


The 2014 program is particularly exciting as this is the first time an Asian country has hosted Social Enterprise World Forum. Korea is a fascinating country, with a unique history of transition from developing nation to a major international economic force. The “can do” approach has also been applied to social enterprise, with national government policy to support and develop the sector, accreditation of social enterprises by the Social Enterprise Promotion Agency, wage subsidy for disadvantaged employees and complete clarity on the number of social enterprises in Korea (due to accreditation).

This year’s host, Work Together Foundation (WT) are honored to be hosting the forum and will usethis as a platform to showcase the work and impact WT and fellow social entrepreneurs in Korea are making

There is considerable interest in social entrepreneurship and the needs social entrepreneurs serve and fulfil around the world. WT aims to broaden its impact on social enterprise by connecting local social enterprises around the world, continuing to support and launch new social enterprises and projects, which serve global social needs.

80% of the delegates at SEWF 2014 will be from Asian countries where social enterprise has taken hold and is addressing significant social economic and environmental issues. In recent years Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Singapore have accelerated their social enterprise development: it will be fascinating to engage, understand and share experiences.

Key themes during the SEWF conference will include social enterprise as an employability solution, social care and health innovations in social enterprise, as well as conference tracks dealing with social investment, social innovation, education and creating supportive social enterprise ecosystems.

Cost from $500 per/person

For further information or to book your place now, visit sewf2014.org

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